One Month Update

Just finished one piece and I’m about to go and grab some food before I pen something for the blog. So, in the meantime, I thought I’d quickly write an update on this experiment in caffeine-fuelled creativity. I’m now over one month into this project. During that time, I have noticeably increased my caffeine intake Continue Reading

Alas, poor Icke! A fellow of infinite bullshit…

So, Youtube has finally stopped David Icke from using their platform. Well, thank some-Christ-like-figure for that! You might not be old enough to remember the emergence of Icke. He’s a former lower-league goalkeeper turned forgettable sports presenter turned annoying Green Party spokesman turned… well, it’s never been polite to say what I thought he became. Continue Reading


I had a piece I was going to finish for today about Marvel’s Avengers and the NHS but I think I’ll leave that for another time or perhaps no time at all. My morning was taken up with writing a piece about Professor Trump’s lecture on the medicinal benefits of bleach and I have lots Continue Reading

Toby, George & Apple

Happy St George’s Day! And to mark the occasion, here’s a bit about another national hero, facing down a fierce dragon… Toby Young now claims to have caught the coronavirus. He also claims to have beaten it. In his latest piece [gestures vaguely towards places on the internet I don’t frequent], he describes how he Continue Reading