Bannon Going Down?

Wrote all morning about the Democratic convention and, the moment I finish, the news breaks about Steve Bannon’s arrest… I was only wondering a couple of days ago how the world would bring Bannon’s reign of influence to an end. I don’t know what promoted it, but I distinctly remember standing in the kitchen thinking Continue Reading

Cue Elgar

I’m struggling to write today, though that has been true for most of the week. The vibe hasn’t been there, which often happens when I’m keen to get back to the drawing. Part of today’s indifference might be due to my just sitting down and watching some of Prime Minister’s Questions. It’s not something I’ve Continue Reading


I lost my internet (and hence my reason to live) for much of yesterday, throwing out my plans for the day… Virginmedia are generally reliable but they have lousy fault reporting. Their system status doesn’t actually pinpoint if their engineers are working on the local network, so when the system does go down, it’s too Continue Reading


Well, that was something of a surprise. Donald Trump has now lost both cases that were before the Supreme Court and with the court divided, remarkably given how Trump was supposed to have stacked it in his favour, 7 votes against 2. I wrote about this a few months ago when the best legal minds Continue Reading


Okay. No more Benadryl for me. The hay fever was terrible, but this sleepiness is worse. I skipped a dose yesterday to ensure I didn’t sleep through the podcast, but I took one just before I went to bed last night, thinking that the effects would have worn off by the morning. They hadn’t. Holy Continue Reading


I’m not sure how or when “truther” became the go-to word to describe people who routinely spread lies, but I suspect it’s going to be a word we hear a lot in the coming months. (Quickly checks the OED. First use: 2005, in the usenet group, during a discussion about the government’s “involvement” in Continue Reading