The Week in Review

A product of my Gag Machine but also, I thought, the best way to end a week which began with a filthy cartoon about Philip Schofield, then developed into a three-day exercise in republishing a book of slightly vulgar but hopefully funny tales (current sales: a hardly surprising zero), and which ended with my experimenting Continue Reading


Just a cartoon I drew a couple of weeks back. Figure it helps me get me back on track… This is another of the cartoons I draw for my personal file. They’re a bit too out there to go to a magazine, though also my cartoons which aren’t “out there” still don’t get in magazines. Continue Reading

Working Title

I had an idea yesterday which, having survived the night, might not be a bad one. As you might know, I’ve been fumbling around for weeks, wondering what’s wrong with me. I’d concluded that it’s because I don’t have a project on the go. It’s all fine drawing these gag cartoons which I might (probably Continue Reading