Boris Johnson continues to baffle me. It’s not that I wasn’t ready for his kind of Prime Ministership. We all pretty well knew what we were getting when a majority of us didn’t vote for him. He avoided all scrutiny except that of the police during the leadership campaign – Jeremy Hunt proved himself the Continue Reading

A Postscript

Sunday turned into a huge writing session. I finished my post about the Linehan story and then, instead of cartooning, I wrote an article about US politics, which was considerably easier than either. I’m in the writing zone. I should probably stop. However, whilst I have the energy and before I go binge on Brooklyn Continue Reading


Yesterday didn’t go as planned. Just after I blogged about intending to spend my day drawing, I got a delivery through the post. It was some hay fever tablets I’d ordered after finally accepting all the weird symptoms I’d been experiencing the last few weeks (sore eyes, sneezing, pressure in my ears) were explained by Continue Reading

Meh Fever

This is a blog so you’ll have to excuse it if it occasionally follows the rough contours of my mood. I got up today feeling like I have nothing interesting to say. “Hmm, when has that ever stopped you?” I hear you ask. Yet I really don’t feel like writing. It could just be the Continue Reading

Monday: Lost

Bit late today, as I’m always likely be late after a weekend of important political developments. My blog writing always comes after I’ve finished my more serious work, so this morning that meant a 1000 words about Tulsa. I don’t think I approach either my more serious writing or my blog writing any different, except Continue Reading