Kanye Vouchers

Had a long lie-in since it’s Sunday, so I’m late to my desk. Late to the news as well and there’s so much to parse this morning. I’m not sure where to begin: with the rumoured government plan to give us all £500 vouchers to get the economy going again or Kanye West running for Continue Reading

Booze is back…

Worked into the early hours, drawing that particularly unpleasant cartoon, which I decided to post because, honestly, I like posting cartoons even more than I like posting articles. I also suspect some of you enjoy the cartoons more than my written work and, if so, then these cartoons are for you. For me, that’s a Continue Reading


Boris Johnson continues to baffle me. It’s not that I wasn’t ready for his kind of Prime Ministership. We all pretty well knew what we were getting when a majority of us didn’t vote for him. He avoided all scrutiny except that of the police during the leadership campaign – Jeremy Hunt proved himself the Continue Reading

A Postscript

Sunday turned into a huge writing session. I finished my post about the Linehan story and then, instead of cartooning, I wrote an article about US politics, which was considerably easier than either. I’m in the writing zone. I should probably stop. However, whilst I have the energy and before I go binge on Brooklyn Continue Reading