An Aimless Tuesday

Dear Diary… A post that will ramble, so apologies in advance. Given I posted four times yesterday, I guess is makes sense that today I don’t feel much like posting at all. I shouldn’t have looked on Twitter, though I’m waiting for Biden’s VP announcement since I intend to write about it. However, having looked, Continue Reading

The Gettysberg Address…

… (as written by Stephen Miller, with contributions in black Sharpie by Donald J. Trump) Four score and seven years ago our fathers, along with Elvis, Frank Sinatra, and the great George S. Patton, strongly brought forth on this continent, a brand new premier, world-class, top-of-the-line, triple A, gold standard nation, conceived on Fox News, Continue Reading

Mogg Gothic Version 2

Three blog posts in a day — perhaps there’ll be more — because I’m catching up on a slightly wasted weekend. I’m trying to improve the quality of my drawing and this Mogg picture was the first step towards that. I’ve taken more time doing this than nearly anything I’ve done in the past few Continue Reading

Podcast – Episode 67

Yes. Your eyes don’t deceive you. That really is *the* podcast. Actually, it’s a new recording the podcast we attempted on Tuesday. It’s been quite the day. I certainly didn’t get up today thinking I’d be writing something for the blog at 9pm. However, some days are like that. Early this morning, I was asked Continue Reading

Mowed the lawn…

Mowed the lawn. About to give myself a haircut. Not exactly blog-worthy material but worth noting. Actually giving a damn about the outward appearance of things is a sign that my self-loathing is calming down… Have another very old cartoon to celebrate…

Old Work Recovered

A brief blog post. Getting away from my constantly failing PC helped my mood yesterday. Slept, watched the newest Spiderman film (I hated all the Marvel elements such as the Iron Man mask but I do love Spiderman), slept some more, watched some Curb (disappointing)… Today I feel a bit less wall-punchy but I’m considering Continue Reading

Sparking My Day

Today is the kind of day when somebody wiser should probably put their hand on my shoulder and tell me to keep away from a keyboard before poking me in the eye just to be doubly sure I’m otherwise kept busy. In a world of perky influencers and Australian swimwear models telling us their philosophy Continue Reading

Volume 3

I’m sure the world wasn’t crying out for another collection of my cartoons but I uploaded this just now. It’s not yet live but I thought I’d use the few minutes I have before we record the podcast to reflect on the end of another small project. The cover is obviously obvious in a couple Continue Reading

Some Positives

More upbeat this morning on account of my finally taking the plunge and swapped out my keyboard. After slightly obsessing over it after last week’s post, I took the opportunity of a payday to buy a mechanical one and, since it arrived, I’ve never been happier. I adore it. I am now actively looking forward Continue Reading