I’ve been silent for a few days because I’ve just not had the energy.

After 11 days of fighting, I finally got my Mum the antibiotics that she always takes when she gets into this state of confusion/delirium. Or I hope she’s got them as I was promised. COVID means I’m stuck at home and can’t visit. This is how things run out of control…

I know you probably think I’m wrong or plain misguided to get involved but I also know the doctors are wrong. How do I know that? Because I’ve been here before. I could describe the half hour conversation I had with a consultant urologist on Friday who explained why my Mum quite clearly has a UTI and how it needs to be treated.

I could also post Public Health England’s flowchart for how to diagnose a UTI in people over the age of 65. Note the big yellow box once you’ve ruled out SEPSIS. My Mum had three of the classic six symptoms, of which you only require 2 before you move to the Green box.

Yes, I know I’m wading into deep waters where my experience doesn’t run but I’m hearing such strange bits of advice. I’ve not spoken to the same doctor twice in 11 days and each time have had to start again to explain the case. Too many times they’ve said “oh, I’ll try a dipstick” before I have to explain that they’re no-damn-use for people over 65 and this is an established medical practice.

Yesterday I was told “her inflammatory markers are normal so she can’t have an infection”. I could link to the academic papers but I think this, on Twitter, from a Professor of UTIs makes it quite clear, when asked inflammatory markers:

Need I go on?

I’m barely holding it together. I don’t have many people around me to help me through this. My sister is ill and the stress if getting to her. I’m also tired all the time — can’t stop sleeping — which I understand is a classic symptom of stress. Apparently, the brain uses up all the glucose your body would use for energy… Fascinating stuff if it didn’t feel so awful.

As for writing, this is the first bit I’ve done since the election last week and I’m not sure even this is sensible. I’m going to try to write something today simply to see if I can earn during this difficult time.

2 thoughts on “Fighting”

  1. I don’t think you’re wrong David, I just never expected you to get anywhere with it. I hope you prove me wrong. As you know my wife went undiagnosed with graves disease for at least a decade up to the point that she was near a heart attack when it was finally caught. If it does turn out to be a UTI then you need to get to the bottom of why it keeps recurring too.

  2. Thanks Rob. Turns out, it *is* a UTI (even they have now seen the signs) and the hospital are now taking it seriously, which is a huge relief. They’re also putting in place some things to stop it happening again.

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It’s a cool domain name and it was available. Yes, I know. Available. Crazy, isn’t it?


Yes. It also helps that it’s also my favourite satire written by Alexander Pope, one of the most metrically pure English poets who also knew his way around a crude insult or two. If you’ve not read it, you should give it a try.

So this is satire, right?

Can’t deny it. There will be some. But it’s also an experiment in writing and drawing, giving work away for free in order to see how many people are willing to support a writer doing his thing. It’s the weird stuff that I wouldn’t get published elsewhere in this word of diminishing demands and cookie-cutter tastes.