I’ve always loved optical illusions and visual puns. I especially like those paints that involve a face made from other objects, such as Giuseppe Arcimboldo’s Vertumnus, which is a painting of the Holy Roman Emperor Rudolf the rednose… Sorry, I mean: Rudolf II. He did others but that’s probably the most famous. This was my Continue Reading

There Are No Miracles

Once upon a time, when I was less grey but significantly more unhappy, I used to be a computer programmer. Well, I say “programmer” but I was probably one step away from a hacker; little more than a one-man-band who would write software to order, bypassing all the formal training I’d been taught at university Continue Reading

On Book Shaming

So I find myself sitting here wondering how I would feel if Michael Gove had a book by David Icke on his shelf… Probably more worried, if I’m honest. Icke doesn’t write out of any respected tradition except that of the seers and mystics who have always been around making a pretty penny from the Continue Reading

One Month Update

Just finished one piece and I’m about to go and grab some food before I pen something for the blog. So, in the meantime, I thought I’d quickly write an update on this experiment in caffeine-fuelled creativity. I’m now over one month into this project. During that time, I have noticeably increased my caffeine intake Continue Reading

Alas, poor Icke! A fellow of infinite bullshit…

So, Youtube has finally stopped David Icke from using their platform. Well, thank some-Christ-like-figure for that! You might not be old enough to remember the emergence of Icke. He’s a former lower-league goalkeeper turned forgettable sports presenter turned annoying Green Party spokesman turned… well, it’s never been polite to say what I thought he became. Continue Reading


I had a piece I was going to finish for today about Marvel’s Avengers and the NHS but I think I’ll leave that for another time or perhaps no time at all. My morning was taken up with writing a piece about Professor Trump’s lecture on the medicinal benefits of bleach and I have lots Continue Reading

Toby, George & Apple

Happy St George’s Day! And to mark the occasion, here’s a bit about another national hero, facing down a fierce dragon… Toby Young now claims to have caught the coronavirus. He also claims to have beaten it. In his latest piece [gestures vaguely towards places on the internet I don’t frequent], he describes how he Continue Reading