At every stage of this crisis, it seems the British government aren’t just a step or two behind the rest of the world. They’re deliberately traipsing along at the rear like surly teenagers taken to see a museum devoted to the stirrup pump. It’s pathological how this government chooses to do the wrong thing and Continue Reading


Well, that was something of a surprise. Donald Trump has now lost both cases that were before the Supreme Court and with the court divided, remarkably given how Trump was supposed to have stacked it in his favour, 7 votes against 2. I wrote about this a few months ago when the best legal minds Continue Reading

Kanye Vouchers

Had a long lie-in since it’s Sunday, so I’m late to my desk. Late to the news as well and there’s so much to parse this morning. I’m not sure where to begin: with the rumoured government plan to give us all £500 vouchers to get the economy going again or Kanye West running for Continue Reading

Booze is back…

Worked into the early hours, drawing that particularly unpleasant cartoon, which I decided to post because, honestly, I like posting cartoons even more than I like posting articles. I also suspect some of you enjoy the cartoons more than my written work and, if so, then these cartoons are for you. For me, that’s a Continue Reading