Virus Dreams

I don’t have a shrink. I have a blog. Times are hard. It will have to do… I’ve noticed that I’m dreaming more than normal, which is odd given how I’m also drinking too much caffeine. I should really be awake half the night. I also know that dreaming is usually a good indicator of Continue Reading

A Sunday Ramble

A quick ramble through the Sunday verbiage and it turns out that curse about “living in interesting times” really was a curse, after all. Really, where do we begin to catalogue this ruby-veined tumescence of abject incompetence? We really need a new lexicon of words to properly convey the scale of these various crises. Words Continue Reading

Hack Diary: Day 3721

Exhausted today. So exhausted, in fact, that I haven’t the energy to do anything other than dump a few words in this blog, which itself isn’t a bad thing. I’ve wanted to update it for a week, but I’ve barely had time. More about that later. Stayed up late last night (again), watching the orange Continue Reading