I have a new piece over at Reaction. It’s about the whispers that Donald Trump might quit before November. I look at the pros and cons of the argument; how it fits with the character of the man, how it doesn’t; and which option is probably best for Republicans. It’s over here [CLICKY] should you wish to have a look.

2 thoughts on “And yet more…”

  1. Have Reaction got if the pay as you read option? If so that sucks! I was happy to pay a few pence to read your pieces but I’m not paying £6 a month.

    1. Hi Max. Yes they do have a per-article system called Axate. If you’re not logged in, you should see a small A symbol in the top left of the screen. I think articles work out at so many pence a time and you just keep topping up your account bit if you have any problem, just drop me a line. I’ll sort you out.

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