On Common Decency

I’ve been thinking a lot about common decency in recent days, prompted, I suppose, by the aftermath of George Floyd’s murder at the hands of policemen. That’s not to say that I mean to write about events of Minneapolis last week. I think it’s right to tread carefully around the subject of Black Lives Matter Continue Reading

Bits and Bobbins

Friday night and I have a new piece over at Reaction on the way that social media shaped the current protests in the US. Click here to go read it. It’s been something of a strange day. I’ve been solidly drawing cartoons but also distracted by the news that the R number has risen above Continue Reading

Working Title

I had an idea yesterday which, having survived the night, might not be a bad one. As you might know, I’ve been fumbling around for weeks, wondering what’s wrong with me. I’d concluded that it’s because I don’t have a project on the go. It’s all fine drawing these gag cartoons which I might (probably Continue Reading


I’m writing a second blog post for the day because I haven’t quite satisfied my urge to write. I guess it speaks to my underlying need to feel relevant (even to myself) whilst recognising the reality that people aren’t exactly beating down my door to ask me for work. It’s probably one of the many Continue Reading


I’m beginning to regret mentioning education in the last podcast. I seem to be getting nothing but criticism from people who believe they understand my life better than I know it myself. The fact that I think reading is taught poorly in schools and that students should be introduced to a wide range of material, Continue Reading


I was going to write today but my neighbours have decided that this is…. GRRRR… the day they’re going to drill/hammer through the damn wall. I get these fifteen-second windows in which I can think and write before… GRRRRRR… And I’m back with another snatched thought. My intention was writing an article about last night Continue Reading