I got up on Thursday thinking it was Friday. I think this was largely down to my waking up and finding that I couldn’t move. I might have mentioned that I’d done some weeding yesterday. I’d forgotten. My back hadn’t.

Anyway, before I’d realised my mistake, I’d entered into my usual Friday routine, which often involves drawing something and/or anything. Small gag cartoons are hard work – or at least I’ve been finding them hard work for the past two weeks – but sometimes I just want the distraction of drawing something a bit more involved. That’s why I enjoy these drawing challenges that Martin Rowson has been setting. I’ll be glad to move on from the #DrawDominicCummings, though. I think this might be my fifth attempt. Not sure if it’s any good. I wanted to try my hand at something slightly different. Didn’t turn out how I’d hoped but then it’s all about learning new tricks. If I had to do it again, I’d go with a thicker cross hatching pen to create more deliberate lines…

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