Just finished one piece and I’m about to go and grab some food before I pen something for the blog. So, in the meantime, I thought I’d quickly write an update on this experiment in caffeine-fuelled creativity. I’m now over one month into this project. During that time, I have noticeably increased my caffeine intake and have seen a definite uptick in the amount of work I’ve got done each day.

Over the first month (and a few days), I’ve posted 48 times and I’ve written 26,555 words (half the length of a short novel).

I don’t have a number for the number of cartoons but I think there have been about 28 proper (the kind that can take me hours to draw), and quite a few more decorative doodles on which I don’t spend more than a few minutes.

I’ve also recorded and edited four episodes of The What & The Why podcast.

On the other side of that: there are now 21 comments, which means probably about 10 or 11 from readers.

Visitor figures: not very high. Maybe, on a good day, 50 to 100 people visiting the site. On a bad day, as lowe a zero. I don’t have an exact count due to my only recently getting stats working.

Readers that have contributed to my coffee cup: 1.

Yes. That is 1.

Conclusion: I wish my popularity was in line with my productivity.

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