Christ! The day is weird and slightly yellow like somebody has scraped butter across badly burnt toast. It hasn’t stopped raining and… well… I really can’t be arsed. I have these days. I sit down, pause to look at what I’ve been doing, and think it’s all utter crap. Two or three cartoons out of the 40+ I’ve drawn I really like. The rest… I don’t know. There are people who believe in the “art for art’s sake”. On my better days, I might be one of those people. But this isn’t one of those days. I’m no “artist”. Not even much of a writer. Just a fraud. But I’m not going there. This blog is already too self-indulgent.

Martin Rowson has launched a new challenge. Draw Michael Gove. Normally I’d be up for that. I can’t be bothered. I fail to see the point.

The blog has also just turned four months old. 96,593 words plus another 12,516 words in the comments. That’s long enough to be a very chunky novel. Should have written a novel…

My mood will come around. I need to go distract myself.

Have a not very good cartoon.

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