Dividing my time on this blog, as I do, between generaly ruminations on politics, life, and cartoons, I figure I should bounce from my morning meditation on Joe Biden to a thought about yesterday’s time consuming video. That thought is: 9 views after 24 hours! Yes. It will probably be a while before I try yesterday’s experiment again…

Anyway, I’ve posted the finished cartoon to celebrate the site now reaching 4 months old. Happy birthday us!

The numbers so far:

176 posts (1.4 a day) containing 113,187 words. That’s a thousand words longer than The Golden Compass, volume one of Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials trilogy.

There are now 234 comments comprising 32,478 words (18,323 by me, 14,155 by others).

1 video blog for a total of 9 views!

I have no idea how many cartoons I’ve draw or podcasts I’ve edited.

The positives: the last month of work has generated $6 in coffee, for which I’m always grateful. Thank you!

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