I’m sure the world wasn’t crying out for another collection of my cartoons but I uploaded this just now. It’s not yet live but I thought I’d use the few minutes I have before we record the podcast to reflect on the end of another small project.

The cover is obviously obvious in a couple of ways. Yes, I broke my rule which was that I wouldn’t make these collections too political but I also couldn’t come up with a funny alien, so I reused an old idea I had. As for the title: it’s about keywords. Wish I didn’t have to be so calculated about this but I want to see if using key phrases draws in more hits. I might be wrong. There’s a high chance that none of these sell.

Speaking of selling: I bumped up the price a little so I could make this part of the 70% profit deal that Amazon offers to writers. My other books are delivered for free but I only get 35% of the profits. This book, the delivery costs are taken from my cut, though to be eligiable for the 70% scheme the price has to be $2.99. Probably overpriced but I can always change it if/when it sells no copies.

And, yes, I’m sorry. I know I sound constantly down about things but I’m the product of too many years failing. In many ways, it’s a minor miracle that I keep plugging away…

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