Dozy Waffle

Saturday. Wasted my morning. These bloody hayfever tablets are still ruining my days. I’ve been taking them for two weeks straight, during which time my eyes have gradually got better, I’ve been having some amazing sleeps – the kind where you’re out for seven hours and wake up in exactly the same position as you Continue Reading

A Party of Wusses?

I wrote a piece yesterday for Reaction about Joe Biden’s strategy going into the November election. The article was part think-piece but also part genuine concern. It’s so easy to get distracted by the phenomenon of Trump that one forgets that the man running against him (and now likely to win) stopped being a great Continue Reading

The Russia Report

So, it’s finally appeared and I’m not sure what to say… The Russia report surprised me but not in the way I expected. I thought the evidence of Russian interference in Brexit was obvious because… well, Russia has been involving itself in everything we do for at least a decade. I first wrote my judo Continue Reading


Not sure if anybody is visiting the site since my stats have gone down for the past two days but on the off chance there’s anybody out there interested in the newest episode of the podcast, here it is. This week, among other things, we talk masks, Libya, and cancel culture.

Over Yonder

A new article by me, over yonder, about Trump’s speech before Mount Rushmore, and how he appropriates American culture as his own, from the Old West, through the civil rights movement, up to the music of Neil Young.

Old Cartoon

I’m still drawing but I’m really hesitant about putting new cartoons here. I have 40 new for the collection I’ll put out at some point. A few are still with magazines but the silence is deafening. I’ve now come to the point where I don’t think I’ll ever be properly published or have somebody pay Continue Reading

Some Old Monks

Whilst looking for some old work which I thought I might as well archive here before I lose it (and discovering that I might have indeed lost it), I came across a directory of old monk cartoons that never made the finished book. I keep finding these directories so I never know which I’ve made Continue Reading

From Crap to App

You’ll be glad to know that my slight detour into the world of erotic fiction is over. All 42,656 words of the “book” (plus one illustration) are now published and will reappear in the Amazon store within, I think they said, 72 hours. That’s assuming it passes the review stage. There’s nothing in it that’s Continue Reading


I got no drawing done yesterday. I was asked to write a piece on US politics so I got side-tracked until very late. Hopefully, it will appear sometime today. If it doesn’t, it will eventually appear here. I might not get much drawing done today either. Last week I mentioned that I’m putting together a Continue Reading