Some Old Monks

Whilst looking for some old work which I thought I might as well archive here before I lose it (and discovering that I might have indeed lost it), I came across a directory of old monk cartoons that never made the finished book. I keep finding these directories so I never know which I’ve made Continue Reading

From Crap to App

You’ll be glad to know that my slight detour into the world of erotic fiction is over. All 42,656 words of the “book” (plus one illustration) are now published and will reappear in the Amazon store within, I think they said, 72 hours. That’s assuming it passes the review stage. There’s nothing in it that’s Continue Reading


I got no drawing done yesterday. I was asked to write a piece on US politics so I got side-tracked until very late. Hopefully, it will appear sometime today. If it doesn’t, it will eventually appear here. I might not get much drawing done today either. Last week I mentioned that I’m putting together a Continue Reading

New Cartoon

Wrote too much yesterday (my statue piece on here and that Reaction article) and I’m still a bit rough (sinusitis) so I’m going to take it easy today, perhaps draw or read a book. Have a new doodle to fill the space.

Missing a day…

Affected by pollen yesterday, my sinuses flared. I blame lockdown. The upshot was that I didn’t do a thing. Couldn’t write jokes. Didn’t feel funny. No mood to draw. Just felt lousy. I eventually went to bed and watched two films. I’m a fan of Community and especially Ken Jeong, so I thought I’d see Continue Reading


I’m beginning to regret mentioning education in the last podcast. I seem to be getting nothing but criticism from people who believe they understand my life better than I know it myself. The fact that I think reading is taught poorly in schools and that students should be introduced to a wide range of material, Continue Reading


Events overnight in Minneapolis ran ahead of my ability to keep track. It meant that when I sat down this morning to write a piece about them, I was faced by a staggering number of facts, details, and narrative threads that I struggled to contain within a simple linear argument. The insanely quick news cycle Continue Reading