Over Yonder

A new article by me, over yonder, about Trump’s speech before Mount Rushmore, and how he appropriates American culture as his own, from the Old West, through the civil rights movement, up to the music of Neil Young.

Kanye Vouchers

Had a long lie-in since it’s Sunday, so I’m late to my desk. Late to the news as well and there’s so much to parse this morning. I’m not sure where to begin: with the rumoured government plan to give us all £500 vouchers to get the economy going again or Kanye West running for Continue Reading

Booze is back…

Worked into the early hours, drawing that particularly unpleasant cartoon, which I decided to post because, honestly, I like posting cartoons even more than I like posting articles. I also suspect some of you enjoy the cartoons more than my written work and, if so, then these cartoons are for you. For me, that’s a Continue Reading

Old Cartoon

I’m still drawing but I’m really hesitant about putting new cartoons here. I have 40 new for the collection I’ll put out at some point. A few are still with magazines but the silence is deafening. I’ve now come to the point where I don’t think I’ll ever be properly published or have somebody pay Continue Reading