Volume 3

I’m sure the world wasn’t crying out for another collection of my cartoons but I uploaded this just now. It’s not yet live but I thought I’d use the few minutes I have before we record the podcast to reflect on the end of another small project. The cover is obviously obvious in a couple Continue Reading

Some Positives

More upbeat this morning on account of my finally taking the plunge and swapped out my keyboard. After slightly obsessing over it after last week’s post, I took the opportunity of a payday to buy a mechanical one and, since it arrived, I’ve never been happier. I adore it. I am now actively looking forward Continue Reading

Losing It…

A rare late night update just to say that I think I’m losing it. Or it has to be a symptom of lockdown. I’ve been drawing cartoons non-stop for what seems like ages. Yesterday I said I finished Book 3. I thought I’d been working on it for about two months. It’s slightly over two Continue Reading

Happy Sunday!

And have a brand-new cartoon to mark this special day. Well, okay, it’s not that special but, late last night, I did finish the third volume of my cartoon trilogy. That’s 55 mostly new cartoons drawn over the course of a month. The moment passed with no ceremony beyond a sigh of relief. Inspiration is Continue Reading

Risking Twitter

Woke up in a good mood which lasted all of the twenty minutes before I glanced at Twitter. One of the constant nuisances of writing “professionally” is that it opens you up to a different kind of reader. A blog is just me sitting here. Once an article makes it to a bigger website, however, Continue Reading


Phew what a scorcher! Finally time to enjoy the summer… 31 degrees today so next stop the beach!  Whoooo hooooo! ARE YOU MAD!? That’s far too much! A little bit less… Whoo hooo? That’s better. We still have to be cautious, don’t you know? But you just forget I’m here. Just enjoy yourself. STOP RIGHT Continue Reading

Kermit [Updated]

They’ve changed the voice of Kermit the Frog. I wouldn’t normally comment, though I’m sure I’ve mentioned that I loved their last movie, Muppets Most Wanted, even if that might be down to my love of Tina Fey and Flight of the Conchords. As for the new Kermit: I understand that people leave, retire, get Continue Reading

Thursday Blast

Not much to say today. It’s Thursday and I am absolutely knackered. I don’t mean to turn this into a “look at poor old me” rant but I’m a seven-day-a-week masochist., Even as I look back on my week, I’m disgusted with myself. The number of hours I work for really minimal reward is shocking. Continue Reading

Democrats and Meat

I’ve noticed an increase sense of cynicism lately about the way I think and write about American politics. It’s nothing out of the ordinary. It’s probably the usual dull realisation that one administration is about to be followed by another administration that will largely disappoint me. But perhaps that makes it sound worse than it Continue Reading

An Old Cartoon Redrawn

Had no time to write this morning. Deep into another long piece. However, here’s an old cartoon redrawn. I’ve always been quite fond of Barry . Being a David, I’ve always lived slightly in the shadow of Michelangelo’s masterpiece. I think it’s time people with other names begin to share our misery.

June 12, 1940…

As German troops marched into Paris this Friday, furious British holidaymakers found their plans in tatters. “It baffles me how our government can stand by and allow jackbooted thugs to spoil our holiday,” said Barry Snark, 42, a painter and decorator from Glossup, who also believes the Nazi advance poorly timed. “June is the height Continue Reading

Dream Bookshops

Last night’s insanely lucid COVID-19 dream brought to you by the power of Tesco’s antihistamine tablets was another in a much-loved series of mine. It was one of my bookshop dreams, of which there have been so many over the years. The fact I dream about bookshops so often probably says a lot about me Continue Reading