Space Force: A Review

My Friday wasn’t great. It was one of those days when the world rejected my efforts, so by the time 10PM rolled around, I was done. No late-night drawing session watching one of the American news networks. I’d had enough of Trump, having written that long piece in the morning. The rioting was also getting Continue Reading


Events overnight in Minneapolis ran ahead of my ability to keep track. It meant that when I sat down this morning to write a piece about them, I was faced by a staggering number of facts, details, and narrative threads that I struggled to contain within a simple linear argument. The insanely quick news cycle Continue Reading

Bits and bobs

Unless I find time later in my day, just a brief update… Wednesday morning, I wrote a new piece for Reaction, which you can read over there. I usually write a piece each week and I should try to remember to link to them when I can. My new piece deals with one of my Continue Reading


Bit quiet yesterday. I was trying to think up some cartoon ideas (came away with about five or six) plus there was a “major incident” in the town. A recycling depot caught fire and caused a blaze that people could see as far away as Manchester to the east and Formby on the coast to Continue Reading


All kinds of things I want to do today, and bottom of that list was to write something for the blog. Lucky if I get two hits a day at the moment but, then, I should appreciate those two hits and I do. Hence my sitting down and writing this instead of drawing cartoons, which Continue Reading